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Dozens are left dead as a new earthquake rocks Nepal

By Kim Sengupta

A major new earthquake in Nepal has killed dozens of people, injured more than a thousand and left villages flattened, just as the country was starting to take faltering steps towards recovery from the devastating tremors which claimed more than 8,000 lives two weeks ago.

The epicentre of the new quake was at a remote, rural area nearly 50 miles east of the capital Kathmandu. It had a high magnitude of 7.3 and was followed by a number of powerful aftershocks which were felt in India, Bangladesh, and Tibet.

The fresh strike led to panic in towns and cities across Nepal, including Kathmandu, with residents fleeing their homes for the streets and fields.

The Nepalese government said that around 40 people had been killed, but warned that the toll was likely to rise after searches had been carried out of the areas affected.

At least 16 people were said to have been killed in northern India, and one more in Tibet.

Tremors brought down more houses and lodges in the Everest region but that officials report very few tourists are still in the area following first quake.

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