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Dutch artist who turned dead cat into a drone wants to make jet-propelled badger submarine


Bart Jansen is not content with turning his dead cat into a drone, now the Dutch artist is once again gaining international attention for his latest project – a jet-propelled badger submarine.

In 2012, Bart Jansen decided to transform his late moggy into a drone because he thought it would be a shame to simply bury his pet, which he after named Orville Wright after the Wright Brothers. He named his creation the OrvilleCopter.

“People keep on saying it's animal cruelty, but my cat was already dead and I didn't kill him. I really was sad, but that didn't stop me from making a completely absurd monument,” Jansen told Mirror Online.

In the face of international intrigue, and some outcry, Jansen gave a 21kg ostrich the OrvilleCopter treatment, and created an OstrichCopter using a specially-built mechanism. His more recent mind-boggling creations include a RatCopter, and a Sharjet, using a creature which died of an infection at a local acquarium.

Now, with the offer of a dead badger from a friend which Jansen couldn't refuse, the artist intends to transform the carcass into a remote-controlled submarine. The project is dubbed “Das Boot,” a play on the famous WWII film and the Dutch word for badger— das, he told the Business Insider.

But transforming animals into water-ready machines isn’t without its difficulties. Jansen has been unable to find a lab willing to waterproof the creature, as badgers are a protected species in the Netherlands. Other legal restrictions mean the finished product can’t be exhibited, or exported abroad.

For now, the badger remains in Jensen’s freezer.

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