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Egypt clashes run into third day

Egyptian troops and protesters have battled for a third straight day in Cairo in clashes that have left at least 10 dead and 441 injured.

The protesters have tried to drum up Egyptians' anger at the military running the country by spreading videos and photos of military police savagely beating young men and women to the ground with sticks and truncheons.

They also showed a woman in a headscarf being stripped half naked by soldiers who stamped on her chest.

The military has depicted the crowds of hundreds in the streets as hooligans and vandals, not the idealistic activists who succeeded in bringing down the dictator Hosni Mubarak in February.

In a statement posted on its Facebook page, the ruling military council called the clashes part of a "conspiracy" against Egypt. It said its forces had the right to defend the "property of the great people of Egypt".

Seeking to depict the protesters as hooligans - and apparently to counter the widely published images of protesters being beaten or dragged on the ground - it also posted on the page footage of young men throwing rocks at a basement window of the parliament building and of at least one man trying to set the place ablaze.

Meanwhile more results were announced from the multi-stage parliamentary elections that began last month and continue until March.

Islamist parties have so far overwhelmingly dominated the vote, with liberals and secular parties far behind.

The trend continued in the latest results from the second of three rounds of voting.

Out of 160 seats up for grabs in the second round, the Muslim Brotherhood won 29 and another more conservative Islamic party, Al-Nour, won 23. Two liberal groups - the Wafd Party and the Egyptian Bloc - won nine and seven seats, respectively. The rest will be determined in a run-off vote to be held later this week.


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