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Eight killed by mob in attack on UN office

Eight foreigners have been killed after demonstrators protesting at a reported burning of the Muslim holy book stormed a UN office in northern Afghanistan.

They opened fire on guards and set fires inside the compound, a top Afghan police official said.

The topic of Koran burning stirred outrage among millions of Muslims and others worldwide after a small American church in Florida threatened to destroy the holy book last year.

The Florida pastor had backed down but purportedly went through with the burning last month, prompting protests in three Afghan cities.

A spokesman said the protest in Mazar-i-Sharif turned violent when protesters grabbed weapons from UN guards and opened fire on the police, then stormed the building, he said.

General Daud Daud, commander of Afghan National Police, said those killed included five Nepalese guards who were working for the UN and two other foreigners employed at the complex.

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