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Facebook reveals attack by hackers

Facebook has announced it was the target of hackers but that no user information was compromised during the attack.

The social media giant said on its security blog that the company discovered in January that its system had been targeted in a sophisticated attack.

The attack occurred when a handful of the company's employees visited a developer's compromised website, which led to malware being installed on their laptops.

Facebook said it has found no evidence that user data was compromised.

The company has fixed the infected machines, informed law officials and an investigation is under way.

Facebook also said it was not the only company targeted in the attacks but was one of the first to discover it.

"We are working continuously and closely with our own internal engineering teams, with security teams at other companies, and with law enforcement authorities to learn everything we can about the attack, and how to prevent similar incidents in the future," Facebook said on its website.



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