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Family hope inquest will reveal how Alan Drennan died on Ibiza


Alan Drennan died while on holiday in Ibiza

Alan Drennan died while on holiday in Ibiza

Alan Drennan died while on holiday in Ibiza

The family of a Northern Irish man found dead in Ibiza hope that an inquest and post-mortem examination in the Republic will discover how their son died.

Alan Drennan from Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, was discovered dead in his hotel room on the Spanish holiday island by friends on July 19.

Family solicitor Michael Madden told the Belfast Telegraph last night that the coroner in the Republic would be conducting an inquest into the 21-year-old's death.

He also said the Irish state pathologist had been instructed to conduct a post-mortem examination on Alan's body.

"The reason the family want the second post-mortem is because of the conflicting statements of Spanish police," explained Mr Madden.

"The Spanish police claim there were no signs of violence yet you have his 10 friends saying Alan had an open wound to his elbow, gashes to his head and black eyes."

He added: "According to his friends he told them he was beaten while in police custody. His friends have given some details to the PSNI."

A post-mortem examination by Spanish authorities concluded that Alan died from multiple organ failure but his family say this conflicts with claims by friends that he was beaten by police.

"His friends are very consistent, they say Alan was outside the plane in handcuffs and surrounded by police," said Mr Madden.

"The only line we are getting from the Spanish police is that they didn't arrest him, they claim they didn't have any contact with him at all."

Alan's body is expected to arrive at Dublin Airport at around midday today and his remains will then be examined by Irish state pathologist Dr Marie Cassidy.

His body was due to arrive in the Republic yesterday, however it was delayed due to a paperwork error.

The Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust is assisting the family to bring his remains home.

Alan, a mechanic and doorman, had gone on holiday to the party island with his friends but was briefly detained by police upon arrival after an incident on the plane.

After he was released, Alan went out for the night with his friends.

He was found dead in his hotel room the following evening.

The Drennan family has appealed for any holidaymakers who were on Ibiza at the same time as Alan to check their mobile phones and cameras to see if their son is in the background of any photographs.

They ask that anyone who notices Alan in a picture send it to the police or to Belfast solicitors Madden and Finucane.

Alan Drennan Snr said previously: "What has happened to Alan and our family is every parent's worst nightmare, and we want to find answers not just for us but for everyone else's child who goes abroad on holiday, and particularly to Ibiza."

Mr Madden said: "The family are trying to go down every avenue they can to establish what happened. They are doing everything they can to make sure they do find out.

"An inquest is the best way to get the facts as they have the power to cross-examine people, it's not merely a paper exercise of sending in statements."

The Drennan family have also called for the law regarding inquests on deaths abroad to be changed.

Under current legislation, the coroner in Northern Ireland does not have the power to open an inquest into a local person's death if they died outside the Province.

The law has been unsuccessfully challenged in recent years but judges have recommended that the legislation should be changed.

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