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Family of amputee toddler adopts kitten that lost a limb

A little girl with an amputated arm is getting a special gift - a kitten that is missing a leg.

Matt and Simone Tipton, of Orange County, California, had been searching for a kitten for their daughter Scarlette, two, who was born with a rare form of cancer, which meant her left arm had to be amputated when she was 10 months old.

Doctors say she is now cancer free and Scarlette's parents, Matt and Simone Tipton, wanted to find a kitten that had undergone an amputation to help their daughter's ongoing recovery.

That was when they heard about Holly, a kitten found bleeding from a traumatic injury. The kitten lived, but a vet had to amputate its right front leg.

The family drove to the San Jacinto animal shelter to adopt the cat, which was named Holly on Christmas Eve.


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