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Fatal dose GP facing German probe

A German doctor who accidentally killed a British patient on his first out-of-hours shift in the UK is to face an inquiry in his own country.

Dr Daniel Ubani, who fatally administered 10 times the normal dose of diamorphine to 70-year-old David Gray, is set to undergo an investigation after all, Mr Gray's son Dr Stuart Gray said.

Dr Gray, who is a GP in Old Hill, Worcestershire, and his brother Rory have campaigned for Dr Ubani to be banned from practising medicine in Germany since their father's death in 2008.

The brothers confronted Dr Ubani at a medical conference in Germany after a General Medical Council (GMC) ruling in June struck him off the medical register.

A UK coroner recorded a verdict of unlawful killing in the inquest into the death of Mr Gray, from Manea, Cambridgeshire, and also accused Dr Ubani of gross negligence.

Dr Ubani was given a suspended sentence in Germany for death by negligence but is still able to practise there.

Dr Gray, speaking on GMTV, said the fight to win a fitness to practise hearing for Dr Ubani in Germany had been a "rollercoaster".

He said the German medical authorities had been considering holding a fitness to practise hearing but were prevented from doing so by an injunction taken out by Dr Ubani.

He said: "It was up to the local government, who are not medically trained. They have been digging their heels in for over two years since the death of my father.

"For whatever reason, they seem to have changed their minds, and I think a lot of it is due to the pressure that my brother and I have put on to the authorities in Germany and also the fact that we confronted him at a medical conference in Germany the day after he was struck off in this country."


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