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Father held over bound baby picture

A man accused of binding his baby daughter's hands, legs and mouth with tape, then posting a picture of what he had done on Facebook was remanded in custody by a judge.

After a brief hearing in which 21-year-old Andre Curry's lawyer said the case had been "blown out of proportion" because it had been posted on the internet, Judge Laura Sullivan made it clear she did not agree.

She accepted each of the prosecutor's suggestions, from not allowing Curry to have any contact with the 22-month old girl or any other minors, to banning him from using the internet.

Curry, of Chicago, Illinois, who was charged yesterday with a felony count of aggravated domestic battery, has to come up with £6,400 to be released from jail.

He did not offer any explanation of his actions to the judge, but after the hearing, assistant public defender Anand Sundaram said Curry did not intend to hurt the child or punish her, but was just having fun.

"That's my belief," said Mr Sundaram, whose suggestion that Curry be placed on electronic surveillance was denied by the judge. Mr Sundaram declined to comment further.

The child's photograph was circulated around the country before Curry's Facebook page was ultimately taken down.

During the hearing, assistant state's attorney Erin Antonietti said Curry was playing with his daughter on December 13 when, after seeing the girl playing with blue duct tape, took it and used it to tape the child's wrists, ankles and mouth. The police report said he used painter's tape.

She said he then ook a picture on a mobile phone and posted it on his Facebook page with a note: "This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back," completing the sentence by adding a smiley face.

Ms Antonietti said Curry admitted to police that he used the duct tape and took a picture of his daughter.

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