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Fears for Greenland and its ice as heatwave makes its way north

Much of Europe has been affected by blistering temperatures caused by hot air from North Africa.

A Greenland ice sheet (Sarah Das/Woods Hole Ocean/PA)
A Greenland ice sheet (Sarah Das/Woods Hole Ocean/PA)

The UN weather agency has voiced “concern” that the hot air which produced a record-breaking heat wave across much of western Europe this week is heading towards Greenland and that it could lead to increased melting of ice.

Heat records in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany tumbled in recent days as hot air surged from North Africa and Spain.

World Meteorological Organisation spokeswoman Clare Nullis said in Geneva that forecasts suggest the air is heading towards Greenland.

This, she said, “will result in high temperatures and consequently enhanced melting of the Greenland ice sheet”.

Ms Nullis said ice has been melting at high levels over the last few weeks in Greenland.

Meanwhile, Belgium suffered a first death as a direct result of the record-breaking heat wave when a woman was found dead near her caravan close to the beach.

The 66-year-old woman was found by a neighbour late on Thursday afternoon after she had apparently been basking in the blazing sun.

The incident happened in Middelkerke on the Belgian coast as temperatures rose in the region to over 40C (104F).



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