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Final landing for 'miracle' plane

The airliner whose splash landing was called "the Miracle on the Hudson" is set for its final destination - a North Carolina aviation museum.

The Airbus A320 has been in storage in New Jersey since it was pulled from New York's Hudson River after the January 2009 splashdown.

It has been acquired by a museum in Charlotte for an exhibit scheduled to open in January.

The plane's wings are expected to be trucked to North Carolina within the coming weeks. The 120ft fuselage will head south in June.

All 155 people aboard US Airways Flight 1549 survived Captain Chesley Sullenberger's water landing minutes after the plane left New York's LaGuardia Airport.

The plane's interior is still littered with first-aid paraphernalia, life jackets and food and beverages still waiting to be served.


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