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First death from fresh Ebola outbreak confirmed in north west Congo

Seven people with the fever have been hospitalised.

Ebola epidemic

The first death from a new outbreak of Ebola in the north west of the Democratic Republic of Congo has been confirmed along with 11 other cases of people sick with the virus.

Seven people with the haemorrhagic fever were in hospital in Bikoro on Thursday, said health minister Oly Ilunga.

He said four new cases and one death have also been reported in the town of Ikoko Impenge, and that three nurses are among those infected.

Mr Ilunga said 17 deaths that drew the attention of health officials over the weekend to the region had not yet been confirmed as resulting from Ebola. He said the situation calls for an immediate and energetic response.

The World Health Organisation and officials from other international health groups are in the area to help contain the spread of the deadly virus.