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Four Islamic extremists killed after French embassy attack in Burkina Faso

French citizens have been warned to stay indoors as the army headquarters was also attacked in Ouagadougou.

Four Islamic extremists have been killed after they launched an attack on the French embassy in Burkina Faso’s capital Ouagadougou.

Communications minister Remy Danjuinou confirmed that Islamic extremists attacked both the French embassy and the Burkina Faso army headquarters. It is not clear how many militants staged the assaults in both locations, and others may be on the run.

Gunfire and explosions have now subsided and people have been seen leaving offices near the attacks.

Souro Sanou, an official at the hospital in the capital, said several people have been wounded.

French citizens have been warned to stay inside following the attack.

President Emmanuel Macron is said to be following the situation closely. The attack comes three months after Mr Macron visited the former French colony.

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