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Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera confronted by peaceful Baltimore protesters: 'Stop reporting that we're thugs'

Fox News broadcaster Geraldo Rivera found himself at the sharp end of a protester's tongue when trying to report from the Baltimore protests.

Confronting the journalist, one protester says: "We want you gone."

Rivera, who was standing in the middle of a crowd of peaceful protesters, is audible above a constant sound of people complaining about his presence, with one accusing him of "exploiting black pain".

"We don't need your false coverage," the protester shouts.

The protester launched into an articulate explanation of why he was upset by the news crew's presence. "No, don't walk away once we start talking - that's the problem. You want to report that we're thugs and we're breaking shit down," he says.

"You've got these people around to protect you from all these black folks. We're the ones that need protection... You're working for Fox News."

"We're angry," he says. "A black man can raise his voice, and you don't have to be intimidated. Because I want you and Fox News to get out of Baltimore City.

You're not here reporting about the boarded up homes and the homeless people under MLK. You're not reporting about the poverty levels up and down North Avenue."

He further tells Rivera that he wasn't there two years ago to report on the peaceful protests, but has just come for the "black riots", adding: "You're not here for the death of Freddie Gray."

The protester says: "I want the white media out of Baltimore city."

While he said that "this is not for YouTube, I want the cameras off" millions of people around the world will be very grateful that such an eloquent, passionate call for equal rights and fair coverage was captured for posterity.

Afterwards, Rivera told Fox & Friends on Wednesday morning that the protester was "truly annoying" and "obstructionist".

He added: "I had an important story to tell standing there. It’s exactly that kind of youthful anarchy that led to the destruction and pain in that community."

Rivera once argued that: “Hip-hop has done more damage to black and brown people than racism in the last 10 years.”

Source: Independent

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