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Fox Sports anchor hit by car during live broadcast

A Fox Sports anchor was fortunate to escape without any injuries after being hit by a car in the middle of a live broadcast.

David Medrano Mora was reporting from the Guadalajara International Airport in Mexico on a match between Chivas and Club America on Monday when a car reversed into him, knocking him over.

Footage of the incident shows Mora standing in a car park during a discussion with his colleague Aldo Sanchez, who was speaking with him from the studio via video link, when he suddenly disappeared out of screen. Clearly confused, Sanchez reminded viewers the broadcast was completely live and promised to return with an update on his colleague as soon as possible.

Fox Sports said Mora did not require medical treatment after the incident. In a statement translated by The Independent, the network said: “The good news from all this is that it was just a fright, as Medrano is in a good condition, but we were all worried about him.”

Independent News Service