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French far Right leader accepts Madonna's offer to chat

Madonna and the French far right leader she described as fascist, Marine Le Pen, are to meet to discuss their politics.

Ms Le Pen has accepted an invitation from Madonna (left) to "have a drink" and explain her beliefs "from her own mouth".

The US singer made the offer live on a French TV news show a few days after she had described Ms Le Pen's Front National party as "fascist". In 2012, the pop star's stage show included a brief video clip of Ms Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead.

On the Canal Plus news, Madonna gave a prolonged hug and kiss to Luz, one of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists who survived the jihadist attack in January.

Asked about her previous attacks on Ms Le Pen and the Front National, she said: "I would like to meet her and talk to her and hear from her own mouth, right in my own ears, what she believes in."

Yesterday, Ms Le Pen said: "I accept Madonna's invitation with pleasure.

He added: "I admire people who are willing to demonstrate good faith."

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