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French man shot by dog has hand amputated

A French deer hunter who had to have his right hand amputated after his dog accidentally shot him said on Monday he didn't blame the pet, which he still considered "adorable".

The accident occurred while the huntsman was taking part in a deer hunt on Sunday with three Blue Gascony Basset hounds near St Michel de Double, near Mussidan.

The hunter, identified only as Rene, told France Bleu radio the dog accidentally pulled the trigger of his shotgun when he jumped on him while they were hunting.

Rene said he was hunting with three dogs when two of them ran off after a deer while the youngest stayed behind.

"He jumped on top of me for a cuddle" and accidentally fired the gun, shooting him in the right hand, Rene said.

"As he jumped, he put a paw on the gun."

The shot blew off part of the huntsman's right hand, which he had to have amputated after being flown to hospital in Bordeaux.

"It wasn't the dog's fault," Rene insisted. "And he's adorable! I should have left the (gun's) safety on, that's all."

"As he jumped, he put a paw on the gun."

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