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Fugitive Catalan leader asks Spain to restore his 'legitimate government'

Carles Puigdemont remains in Brussels (Virginia Mayo/AP)
Carles Puigdemont remains in Brussels (Virginia Mayo/AP)

Catalonia's fugitive former president has called for Spanish authorities to open negotiations regarding the restitution of what he calls his "legitimate government".

Carles Puigdemont said via social media channels from Brussels that Spain should "recognise the election results of December 21 and start negotiating politically with the legitimate government of Catalonia".

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy deposed Mr Puigdemont and his cabinet after Catalonia's regional parliament voted in favour of a declaration of independence from the rest of the country in October.

But pro-secession parties, including one led by Mr Puigdemont, won the most seats in elections last week.

Mr Puigdemont fled to Belgium to avoid a judicial investigation into suspicions of rebellion by him and his government.

He did not say on Saturday if he plans to return to Spain.



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