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Gaddafi's daughter urges rebellion

Muammar Gaddafi's daughter has urged Libyans to overthrow their new rulers, possibly violating the terms of her exile in Algeria.

In an audio message broadcast on Syria's al-Rai television station, Aisha Gaddafi called for a revolt against the men who overthrew her father - the government she said "arrived with the planes of Nato".

She said, following the traditional 40-day mourning period after his death: "My father has not left, he is always among us. Don't forget the orders of your father urging you to continue fighting, even if you no longer hear his voice."

Gaddafi, Libya's dictator for 42 years, was captured with his son Muatassim on October 20 and killed by rebels.

As the Libyan capital of Tripoli fell to rebel forces, Aisha, her mother and two of her brothers took refuge in neighbouring Algeria.

Aisha's appeal puts her in direct conflict with a promise she and her family members made not to make public statements at the risk of losing their status as humanitarian refugees.

After similar statements in September, Algerian officials warned that she could be expelled.

The Algerian regime had close ties with Gaddafi but has since worked to repair strained relations with Libya's new leaders.


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