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German firefighters tackle obese corpse cremation blaze

Rising obesity figures in Germany have become a cause of concern for crematorium owners as increasing body weights take their toll on equipment.

Concerns were made public after a crematorium in western Germany failed to control a fire which occurred during the funeral of a man who weighed 440 pounds.

After fighting the blaze for four hours, firemen determined the temperature of the furnace reached some 600 degrees celsius causing damage to the crematorium’s chimney.

Because obese bodies have a higher fat content, they burn for longer reaching temperatures that current crematorium facilities find difficult to control, revealed a German website.

In a bid to tackle this growing problem, crematoriums in the country have been adjusting their equipment to compete in what has become a fierce marketplace there.

In the past ten years, the number of crematoriums in Germany has grown by over 50 percent driving the cost of a cremation down to €300 (£248).

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