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German man guilty over stepdaughter

A German truck driver who fathered eight children with his stepdaughter and offered her to other men has been convicted of 162 counts of sexual abuse by a judge who called him a "pitiless egoist" and handed down a sentence that could keep the man locked away for life.

Judge Winfried Hetger gave the 48-year-old man, identified only as Detlef S, a 14-and-a-half year sentence, but ruled that he should remain imprisoned indefinitely because of high risk that he could offend again if released. His lawyer had asked for a sentence under 10 years, and could appeal against it in a week.

The suspect was found guilty of abuse that started in 1987 and lasted until 2010 in the village of Fluterschen, near Bonn - starting with the molestation of his stepson and stepdaughter when they were four and six years old.

"This is about a pitiless egoist. He viewed his family as his property," the judge said. Detlef S, whose full name was not released to protect the identities of the victims, showed no emotion while his sentence was pronounced

The man's stepson Bjoern B and his sister Natascha S were shaken after Tuesday's verdict but said they welcomed it.

"Today is a day of truth, a day of justice," said Bjoern B, now 28. "Now we will see how we can continue our lives."

The trucker was found guilty on 70 counts of sexually abusing children under age 14, 63 counts of abuse of minors and 29 counts of facilitating prostitution. He has been in custody since August, when his daughter came forward to authorities.

Natascha was first raped by Detlef S at the age of 12. Three weeks after her 12th birthday, her stepfather started bringing men to have sex with her in return for money, the judge said. Over the years Detlef S had eight children with her, and one died in infancy.


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