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German stabbing suspect 'not part of Islamic network'

Police say there is no evidence that a man suspected of stabbing four people at a station outside Munich had any accomplices or was part of an Islamic extremist network.

Senior police official Guenther Gietl said a woman reported hearing the words "infidel, you must die" at the time of the stabbing early on Tuesday.

However, police said there is no sign that he had any contact with Islamic extremist groups or any evidence of radicalisation.

And another senior police official, Lothar Koehler, said the suspect made a "rather confused impression" during questioning

Authorities also say they are doubtful as to whether the suspect can be held criminally responsible.

This suggests that the man may not be mentally fit to stand trial.

Prosecutor Ken Heidenreich said Tuesday that the man's statements do not fit together.

Officials say there appears to have been no particular reason for the man to choose the Grafing Bahnhof station as the location for his attack.

They say he caught a train there from Munich in the early hours of the morning.


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