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German wife shot husband and son

A woman has shot dead a nurse at a German hospital after killing her estranged husband and five-year-old son at a nearby apartment.

Police said the 41-year-old lawyer suffered a miscarriage at the hospital in the town of Loerrach in 2004, but were not sure if that was the motive for the rampage on Sunday.

The woman, who has not been named, killed her husband and son in her apartment and then ran across the street to the hospital. There she killed a male nurse before being shot dead during a gunfight with police.

The son usually lived with his father, but had been visiting for the weekend.

After the killings at the apartment, the woman started a fire in the building before leaving.

The earlier miscarriage "could be the reason...why she chose to go to the hospital," prosecutor Dieter Inhofer said but stressed that was not yet clear.

The nurse died after suffering stab wounds and gunshot injuries to the head and police believe he crossed her path by chance.

The woman shot 10 times at the door of a room in which there were a patient and six visitors before police shot her. She had 300 rounds of ammunition.

Three people at the hospital were wounded, including a police officer, but none of them was in a life-threatening condition.

The woman legally owned the weapon she used.


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