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Germans 'unable to have fun'

A study investigating 1,000 Germans has found that residents living in what is the country with the strongest economy in Europe have lost the ability to let go and enjoy themselves, according to the Times.

In depth questions put to those taking part in the research project found that drinking, holidays and even sex failed to excite the German population.

Just 7% said that they were capable of forgetting their troubles to indulge in a little fun and only 15% claimed to have experienced pleasure recently.

Four out of five German people said they could only really enjoy themselves if they achieved something first.

The Cologne consultancy, Rheingold which carried out the survey said: “Our joy gene is increasingly defective – we have forgotten how to enjoy ourselves.

”A psychologist involved in the project believes that Germany’s ability to relax and unwind has suffered because of the recession, with many feeling that their country has to ‘shoulder the crisis’ for Europe."

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