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Germany to probe dioxin contamination scandal

Germany's agriculture minister last night vowed tough legal action against those responsible for contaminating livestock feed with dioxin-laced fat that has led to many products being removed from shelves in UK supermarkets.

The scandal has prompted German farm closures and import bans on some products.

The case, which appears to be an intentional wrongdoing “with alarming unscrupulousness”, needs to be thoroughly investigated, Ilse Aigner said.

German investigators have found excessive levels of cancer-causing dioxin in eggs and some chicken meat.

British supermarkets removed products from their shelves after it was confirmed that eggs contaminated with dioxins had been used in their cakes and quiches.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) said supermarkets had already sold most of the affected food, which had a short shelf life and had probably been eaten.

Stores that have now withdrawn items include Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's.

The FSA has advised retailers to clear any remaining affected products, but stressed that consumers do not face any health risks as mixing the eggs would have diluted the levels of dioxins.

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