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Gisele backtracks on breastfeeding

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has said she is "not here to judge" after causing controversy by telling an interviewer mothers should be forced to breastfeed for the first six months of their baby's life.

The 30-year-old Brazilian catwalk star, who lives in the US, told Harper's Bazaar magazine there should be a "worldwide law" preventing mothers from using formula milk.

She later posted a statement on her blog saying it was "unfortunate" the interview had given the impression that the issue was "so black and white".

She said: "I am sure if I would just be sitting talking about my experiences with other mothers, we would just be sharing opinions.

"I understand that everyone has their own experience and opinions and I am not here to judge."

Bundchen, the world's highest-paid supermodel, had a natural birth at her US home in Boston in December after meditating throughout her eight-hour labour.

Bundchen, who is married to American football star Tom Brady, got up to make pancakes a day after her first child, son Benjamin Rein, was born and was modelling swimwear six weeks later.


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