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Glasgow flight in 'threat' alert

A flight from Glasgow has been evacuated at Philadelphia airport in the US over what police and airport authorities called an unspecified threat.

The 157 passengers and six crew members aboard the US Airways plane were taken off the aircraft shortly before it was due to fly on to Anchorage, Alaska.

Philadelphia airport spokeswoman Victoria Lupica said she did not know the nature of the threat but that the incident had been referred to the FBI.

US Airways said the plane landed in Philadelphia at around 2.45pm US time on Friyday (6.45pm UK time).

The passengers bound for Anchorage boarded, but the plane was then evacuated.

A US Airways spokeswoman said: "The Transportation Security Administration are looking into it. It is being handled by the proper authorities."

She did not know whether any passengers from Glasgow had already disembarked from the plane because Philadelphia was their final destination.

Ms Lupica said that the plane was being moved away from Terminal A so it could be inspected.

The FBI has not commented on the nature of the threat or what steps it was taking in investigating the plane.

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