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Grandmother finds cocaine in her granola bar

'Oh my goodness, its high quality cocaine'

A Texan woman found a gram of cocaine when she tucked into her granola bar on Wednesday.

Cynthia Rodriquez reported the incident to the San Antonio Police Department on 18 March, after a bag covered in dollar signs containing white powder fell out of the wrapper of her Nature Valley snack.

Suspecting she had won a prize, 60-year-old Rodriguez called Nature Valley who told her to report the find to the police.

An officer initially tested the powder for heroin, but when it came up negative tried for cocaine.

"He tried for cocaine and they both looked at each other and he goes 'oh my goodness, its high quality cocaine'," Rodriguez said.

The drugs, wrapper and granola bar were bagged and kept as evidence, with detectives now investigating how it got there.

"We're not sure if this was something added on purpose or if it was something that may have fallen out of someone's pocket on the assembly line," Sgt. Javier Salazar told KENS 5.

In a statement, General Mills, the company that owns the Nature Valley brand, said: "We referred this to the police department in March, and are confident this did not happen in our facility."

When pressed for answers about why they felt this way, the spokesperson explained that granola bars move quickly along its factory assembly lines and therefore it would be "difficult" for someone to drops drugs inside a wrapper.

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