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Greek opposition leaders outraged as military leaders sacked

Greek opposition leaders reacted with outrage yesterday to the sacking of the country's military chiefs.

They have called it a bid to stack the armed forces with party loyalists before a possible government collapse over Greece's debt crisis.

Late on Tuesday, the socialist government replaced the heads of the army, navy and air force and the leader of the joint chiefs-of-staff.

Officials said the move was planned long ago and unrelated to political turmoil.

But the main opposition, the conservative New Democracy party, said: “We won't accept this decision.”

Greek governments have kept a tight rein on the armed forces since a seven-year military junta collapsed in 1974.

Army chiefs are often selected on the basis of their party loyalty.

The outgoing military leadership was appointed in August 2009 by the previous conservative administration, just before the national elections were called.

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