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Gunfire rings out in Ivory Coast

Sporadic gunfire has rung out in the Ivory Coast despite president Alassane Ouattara calling on all fighters to put down their arms now that the country's long-time strongman has been captured.

More than one million civilians fled their homes and untold numbers were killed in the four-month power struggle between the two rivals. The stand-off threatened to re-ignite a civil war in the world's largest cocoa producer, once divided in two by violence nearly a decade ago.

Armed fighters still prowled the streets of Abidjan even after their leader Laurent Gbagbo was arrested by forces backing Mr Ouattara.

Residents said most of the combat had ceased on Tuesday, though sporadic gunfire continued and left people cowering in their homes.

Meanwhile, a top Gbagbo ally accused pro-Ouattara forces of pillaging the homes of political rivals.

"I'm getting calls of distress from all over the city from party members who fear for their lives," said Gbagbo's former foreign minister Alcide Djedje. "I myself was forced to flee my house when looters in uniform broke in. While the looting was going on, I managed to hide at the neighbours' until the UN peacekeepers came to get me."

Gbagbo's security forces have been accused of using mortars and machine guns to mow down opponents during the stand-off.

Gbagbo could be forced to answer for his soldiers' crimes, but an international trial threatens to stoke the divisions that Mr Ouattara will now have to heal as president.

The president cut short speculation that Gbagbo would be delivered to the International Criminal Court at The Hague, calling for an Ivorian investigation into the former president, his wife and their entourage.

Mr Ouattara also called on his supporters to refrain from retaliatory violence and said he intends to establish a truth and reconciliation commission.

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