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Gunman shot dead after firing at motorists in Houston


Police said several people have been shot at a shopping centre in Houston

Police said several people have been shot at a shopping centre in Houston

Police said several people have been shot at a shopping centre in Houston

A lawyer who left six people injured, one critically, after randomly shooting at drivers in Houston, Texas, has been shot and killed by police.

Another three people suffered injuries from glass or debris after the shootings, which were said to have been carried out by a "disgruntled" unidentified lawyer who had either been sacked "or had a bad relationship with his law firm", according to Houston mayor Sylvester Turner.

A number of weapons were found at the scene, while a bomb squad robot examined a Porsche car and officers checked the man's flat in the affluent West University Place.

One witness, Jennifer Molleda, said she found her husband, 49-year-old Alan Wakim, several blocks away in the car park of a nearby strip mall after he had told her on the phone that he had been "hit".

She said two shots had gone through the windscreen of Mr Wakim's Mustang, and he told her that he had seen a red laser beam before the shots were fired. He was taken to hospital for treatment to his injuries.

"He got out of his car, we hugged, we cried," Ms Molleda said, adding that she believes the gunman was "aiming to kill".

Ms Molleda added that a few weeks ago, the suspect brandished an assault-style weapon at people on the roof of the complex. She said she did not know him very well, but described him as quiet. "He's a normal, average Joe," she said.

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Another witness, Lee Williams, described how the gunman took shots at passing traffic. He left his home in the area upon hearing gunshots and began directing traffic away from the complex, noting that people usually cut through the area to avoid busier intersections.

One car ignored him, he said, and was immediately shot at. Mr Williams could not see the gunman because it was dark, but believed he saw the muzzle flashes.

"Whatever cars were going by, he was shooting at them," the 55-year-old said, noting he heard at least 50 gunshots over 40 or so minutes.

As he was being interviewed, neighbours patted him on the back, thanking him for keeping people safe.


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