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Heads to roll over Marbles textbook

Greece's education minister is to ban an art history schoolbook with "monstrous" wording that strays from the country's official line on its dispute with Britain over the Elgin Marbles.

In a chapter on neo-classicism, the book refers to the sculptures' "transportation" to England. Greece says the 5th century BC works were removed illegally and has long lobbied to reclaim them from the British Museum.

Andreas Loverdos said he had instructed officials to ensure schoolchildren received "the correct information" on the removal of the ancient works, known officially as the Parthenon Sculptures, from the Acropolis 200 years ago by Lord Elgin, a Scot.

Mr Loverdos said the book, published in 2003, would be withdrawn next term.

His comments followed complaints by the opposition's shadow education minister, less than two weeks before national elections.


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