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Hillary Clinton thanks her supporters after winning Nevada Democratic caucuses

Hillary Clinton has thanked her supporters after she won the Nevada Democratic caucuses, defeating Bernie Sanders.

She said: "To all my supporters out there - some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. This one's for you."

After the victory, which came after the Vermont senator's victory in New Hampshire, Mrs Clinton told her supporters: "T his is your campaign. It is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back.

" Americans are right to be angry. But we're also hungry for real solutions."

The victory for the former secretary of state gives her two wins to one in the race for the Democratic nomination, as she also eked out a victory in the Iowa caucuses.

The competition heads next to South Carolina, which holds its Democratic primary next Saturday.

Mrs Clinton's win in Nevada means she will pick up most of the state's delegates.

With 35 at stake, she will gain at least 18. Mr Sanders will pick up at least 14. Three delegates remain to be allocated, based on votes in the congressional districts.

The results of the caucus are the first step in determining delegates who are expected to support candidates at the national convention.

To date, Mrs Clinton remains far ahead in the overall delegate count due to early endorsements from superdelegates, or party leaders who can support the candidate of their choice, no matter whom voters back in primaries and caucuses.

Including superdelegates, she now has at least 501 delegates and Mr Sanders at least 69.

It takes 2,383 delegates to win the nomination.

The contest in Nevada was the first of two presidential primary contests being held.

Republicans were fighting in South Carolina, a state seen as billionaire Donald Trump's to lose and one that could start to clarify who, if any, of the more mainstream candidates might emerge to challenge him

Mr Sanders conceded in a phone call to Mrs Clinton.

The Vermont senator said he congratulated her on her victory, and that he is proud of his campaign and expects to leave Nevada with a "solid share of the delegates".

Mr Sanders highlighted his campaign's work to bring working people and young voters into the process, and said he believes his campaign has "the wind at our backs" heading to the Super Tuesday contests on March 1.


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