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Hillary honoured for her peace process role


Hall of Fame: Hillary Clinton

Hall of Fame: Hillary Clinton

Hall of Fame: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton was last night inducted into the Irish-American Hall of Fame in New York in recognition of her work on the Northern Ireland peace process.

Speaking at the event, the former US Secretary of State stressed the role of women in peace.

"You cannot bring peace and security to people just by signing an agreement," she said. "There has been some very important work done in recent years that shows where women are involved there is a much better chance that the agreement will hold."

She said the work of peace "permeates down to the kitchen table, to the backyard, to the neighbourhood, around cups of tea."

Seated at a table with Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams and the Republic's minister for the arts Heather Humphreys, Ms Clinton also addressed the current impasse in Northern Irish politics, the welfare reform crisis.

"Its better to have people arguing about that than walking away and thinking that conflict may be the only answer," she said.

Her speech is one of her last public appearances before her expected announcement next month that she will make a bid to be the second president Clinton.

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