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Honeymoon comment sparks applause

Prince William sparked excitement in Australia when he mentioned returning to the country for his honeymoon.

He made the comment on a visit to Cairns' cruise ship terminal during what some people have dubbed his "disaster tour".

After visiting Christchurch, New Zealand, the prince arrived in Queensland, Australia, where he visited people affected by Cyclone Yasi.

He went to the coastal towns of Cardwell and Tully, before meeting excited locals at the cruise ship terminal, where he sparked hysteria.

William, who is to marry fiancee Kate Middleton on April 29, met Briton Tania Moore, 39, who moved to the area 10 years ago from Winchester.

She said: "He asked me what I'd be up to today and I said, 'Oh I've been up to the Great Barrier Reef with my kids. It's just stunning - you should go there. Will you get to see it?'.

Ms Moore, who met the prince with her son Alex, seven, and five-year-old daughter Jessica, said he replied: "No I wanted too, but I won't have time."

She added: "I asked him when he was going to come back and he said, 'well we might have to come back for our honeymoon!' Everyone started shrieking and applauding."

William was described as having brought some "royal magic" to the area.

Queensland premier Anna Bligh, who accompanied him, said: "It's been almost impossible for these people, but a little royal magic is just what the doctor ordered. The people of Australia have been very charmed by him."


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