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Hugh Grant slams 'toxic' cell phones


Hugh Grant (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Hugh Grant (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Hugh Grant (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Hugh Grant has dubbed mobile phones "toxic", saying "they are killing us".

The film star (60) relished leaving his phone behind in his hotel room when he filmed new psychological thriller The Undoing.

"I hate my phone. For the first time in ages I spent 14 blissful hours at work without it," he told Radio Times magazine.

"It was like being in 1994 again.

"Between set-ups I studied my lines, I read a book or I talked to people.

"It was really nice."

He added: "Phones are terrible things.

"They are toxic. I think they're killing us."

The father-of-five, who became a parent later in life, also told the magazine that he "now" feels that people need to have a family.

"I'm trying to be a young father in an old man's body and it's rough, but it's absolutely worth it. It's just damned nice, isn't it?"

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