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Hulk Hogan 'injured' during bloody brawl with ring rival Ric Flair

Wrestling star Hulk Hogan appeared to be injured after a press conference for 'Hulkamania - Let The Battle Begin' descended into a 'bloody brawl'.

The promotional event in Star City, Australia began well with stars discussing their careers and plans.

However things veered out of control when Hogan was involved in an altercation with ring rival Ric Flair.

Flair reportedly threw a table at the media section before diving on photographers.

He then removed his trouser belt and began lashing out.

Fans were left stunned as veteran wrestling star Hogan was apparently unable to get to back on his feet without assistance.

An onlooker said: "I'm devastated. The Hulk is a legend. It didn't appear to be staged - there was blood everywhere. It was a harrowing Kafkaesque experience."

Hours later Hogan appeared at a follow-up press conference to announce that he was fine and that it was just a stunt that got out of control.

“It took me about half an hour to get freshened up before I ran back out, it got a bit crazy,” he said.

“I didn’t plan on going backwards off the stage, that was a bit of a shock.”

Local media reported Hogan appeared to be fit and in good health.

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