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I spent the night with Berlusconi: prostitute

The prostitute at the centre of Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi's sex scandal has dismissed his claims that he did not know her, saying they spent a night together followed by an “intimate” breakfast.

Patrizia D'Addario said that the only way he could be confused about her identity was because “there were so many other young women who looked just like me” at the parties he threw at his residence.

Prosecutors in Bari have questioned D'Addario and other women as part of a probe into a local businessman accused of recruiting and paying women to attend parties at the premier's homes.

The businessman, Giampaolo Tarantini, has said the women were only reimbursed for their travel expenses and has apologised to Mr Berlusconi for causing the scandal.

D'Addario told La Repubblica newspaper that she attended two parties at Mr Berlusconi's Roman home, including one at which she said there were 20 young women who flocked around the premier as if they were at a “harem”.

She said she spent that night, November 4, with Mr Berlusconi, when the premier reportedly skipped an appearance at a US-Italy event marking the election of President Barack Obama.

The next morning, she said, Mr Berlusconi invited her to stay for breakfast. Asked if it took place in the same dining room as the party the night before, D'Addario responded: “No, not in the dining room. It was something more intimate.” D'Addario denied Mr Berlusconi's claims she was paid to expose him, saying she came forward on her own only because he had reneged on a promise to help her out with a property problem she was having.

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