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Ilie Nastase arrested twice in a day for traffic offences

The former tennis star refused to take a breathalyser test after being held on suspicion of driving while drunk, police said.

Ilie Nastase

Former tennis star Ilie Nastase has been arrested twice in the same day, first on suspicion of drink-<br></br>driving and refusing to take a breathalyser test, and then for riding a scooter without a licence.

Police in Romania initially stopped the 71-year-old while he was driving his car, and said he was visibly drunk.

He refused to take a breathalyser test and was detained, then later released as police opened an investigation.

Officers stopped him again six hours later after he allegedly went through a red light on a scooter. His driving licence had been suspended after the first incident.

Nastase, once the world’s top-ranked player, admitted he had drunk beer but claimed police had manhandled him and thrown him to the ground during his first arrest.

The second time he was apprehended, he was filmed mocking police officers and accusing them of acting like communist-era militia.