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In Pictures: Solar eclipse delights crowds across Asia

The moon passed in front of the sun in a spectacular natural phenomenon on Boxing Day.

A partial solar eclipse is seen from Karachi, Pakistan (Fareed Khan/AP)
A partial solar eclipse is seen from Karachi, Pakistan (Fareed Khan/AP)

By Associated Press

People across Asia have witnessed a spectacular annular solar eclipse, which saw the moon pass in front of the sun to create a so-called “ring of fire”.

The phenomenon was visible from countries including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand.

Thousands of people wore special viewing glasses or used adapted binoculars to watch the rare event up close.

The moon begins to travel across the sun, as viewed from Bangkok, Thailand (Sakchai Lalit/AP)
The start of the solar eclipse can be seen behind a building in Lahore, Pakistan (KM Chaudary/AP)
The eclipse proves to be a picturesque background to silhouetted statues in Islamabad, Pakistan (BK Bangash/AP)
Birds fly past the eclipse in Hyderabad, India (Mahesh Kumar A/AP)
In Manila, the Philippines, a cloudy sky made the eclipse appear even more stunning (Aaron Favila/AP)
People across Asia stopped what they were doing to watch the phenomenon, including this roadside vendor in Hyderabad, India (Mahesh Kumar A/AP)
A Sri Lankan girl uses a special lens to watch the event in the capital Colombo (Eranga Jayawardena/AP)
Students hold special filters to view the eclipse at the Santiratwitthayalai School in Bangkok, Thailand (Sakchai Lalit/AP)
A group of students in viewing glasses turn to the skies in Jakarta, Indonesia (Tatan Syuflana/AP)
A large group come together in Hyderabad, India, to view the rare sight (Mahesh Kumar A/AP)



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