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Incredibly moving video tribute to Derry nun Sister Clare Theresa Crockett killed in Ecuador earthquake made by Home of the Mother order

By Claire Williamson

The order of the Derry nun killed in an earthquake in Ecuador has compiled a moving tribute video celebrating her life in the servitude of the Lord.

Sister Clare Theresa Crockett was based at a school in Playa Prieta with the Home of the Mother order.

She died when a stairwell collapsed in a school. The missionary of 15 years was teaching young children to play the guitar when the disaster occurred.

She had been trying to lead them to safety when the four storey building they were in collapsed on top of them on Sunday.

Her body was found under rubble on Monday by search and rescue teams.

Sister Clare was described as “a diamond of the family” by a relative who said she died as she lived; "helping people".

"Everybody loved her," said cousin Emmet Doyle, "she was a superstar."

The Home of the Mother Order has created a beautiful tribute to the young nun who had been working in Ecuador since 2012.

Throughout the clips she is seen laughing and smiling as she interacts with all ages.

The video shows footage from the trip to Spain Sister Clare took aged just 17 when she travelled to meet the Servant Sisters.

A self-confessed party animal she signed up for what she thought was a free trip to Spain only for her to later realise it was for a pilgrimage during Holy Week. It was during this trip that she realised the Grace of God and realised she had to change her ways.

This trip changed her life.

In the video she says: "So I don't know what to do with myself now. I could become really famous and really rich, or I can come here and pray to God that I made the right decision."

The video shows Sister Clare taking her perpetual vows on September 8, 2010 before charting her movements around Spain, and the USA and eventually to Ecuador in 2012 to work as a missionary.

During her first weeks it shows her playing games and music with young and old.

Reflecting on her first week she recalls an anecdote she read about St John Paul II.

She said: "He was on an apostolic visit and they asked him after a long day of different activities, 'holy father are you tired?' and the response has given me  a lot of light.

"He answered 'I don't know'. It's an example of a man who has completely forgotten about himself to give himself to the others.

"Here in Ecuador I wanted to use this, not as a motto, but as my way of living here.

"Sometimes you get tired of course, but even though I am tired I hope to not feel sorry for myself and to continue giving myself to god."

She tells how when she was told she was going to Ecuador for missionary work she put her life in God's hands and "totally accepted it".

She said: "When I entered as a sister I did so to dedicate my life to god. I know that by entering into a religious community I was putting my life totally in his hands, I had to be open to what the Lord asked of me."

The video ends with her singing a happy, animated song with children where she is playing the guitar and teaching them a song about the Good Shepherd.

The Home of the Mother Order said: "We give thanks to the Lord for her life.

"And we ask him that she may continue to love Him for all eternity. "

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