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IRA smuggler was shot by James 'Whitey' Bulger 'for being FBI informer'


One of those Bulger was found guilty of murdering was IRA smuggler John McIntyre, a crewman on the Valhalla, a boat used to run guns to Ireland.

In July Bulger's trial heard that McIntyre had tried to smuggle guns and drugs to the IRA in 1984 from Gloucester where the Valhalla – a swordfishing vessel – was based.

Bulger and many members of his gang were of Irish descent, and a book published earlier this year suggested that the FBI turned a blind eye to his IRA gun running in exchange for information about Italian Mafia families in New England.

Bulger is believed to have met with IRA leader Joe Cahill, who encouraged him to send weapons to Ireland.

But in September 1984 a shipment of 7.5 tons of rifles, sub-machine-guns and grenades worth $1m was seized by the Irish authorities. They had been offloaded from the Valhalla in international waters, which headed back out to sea.

Shortly after the Valhalla returned to Boston on October 16 McIntyre was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol.

McIntyre then disappeared and his body was not found until 2000.

As associate of Bulger's testified that Bulger shot McIntyre in the head over allegations that he was an FBI informer.

Kevin Weeks also told the trial how Bulger had tortured McIntyre to extract a confession. He said Bulger asked McIntyre if he wanted a bullet in the head. "The kid said, 'Yes please'," Weeks added.

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