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Iran 'forces down plane carrying US military officals'

A foreign plane has been forced to land in Iran after violating the country's territory, according to an Iranian news agency.

The agency claims it was US plane that entered Iranian airspace from Turkey despite repeated warnings by the Islamic Republic Air Force.

The Fars news agency said that the incursion was unintentional, and those on board the the jet were questioned and then released.

Five senior US military personnel and three civilians were reportedly on board the aircraft. They were interrogated at an Iranian airport, but allowed to leave the following day after it became clear the incursion was accidental, according to Fars.

Reports added that all those aboard left Iran for Afghanistan after receiving takeoff permission from Iranian authorities.

Iran claims the jet was flying low in an attempt to slip under Iranian radar. The semi-official Fars News Agency did not say when the incident happened.

The United States denied the reports. The Pentagon said all its aircraft are accounted for and none had landed in Iran.

White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said, "We're looking into the various and conflicting reports coming from the Iranian agencies, but do not have any information at this time that would lead us to believe they are correct."

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