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Iran 'must be stopped' says Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that Iran is destabilising the world and its aggression must be stopped.

In parliament Mr Netanyahu reiterated Israel's claims that Iran was behind explosions this week that targeted Israeli diplomats in India and the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

He said, "If this aggression isn't halted, ultimately it will spread to many other countries."

Mr Netanyahu spoke after police in Thailand said a third Iranian suspect involved in a series of blasts which Israel said had been intended to target their citizens had escaped into Malaysia.

Three explosions shook a residential area of Bangkok, leading police to a stash of explosives in a rented house and the arrest of two Iranian men.

Israel said that the bombs discovered in the house were similar to devices used against Israeli Embassy targets in India and Georgia.

While the targets of the bombs was not clear, "we can assume from the other experiences that we were the target", Israeli ambassador Itzhak Shoham said.

Thai police found and defused two magnetic bombs that could be stuck on vehicles, he said.

"They are similar to the ones used in Delhi and in Tbilisi," Mr Shoham said. "From that we can assume that there is the same network of terror."

Israel has accused Iran of waging a covert campaign of state terror. Mr Shoham said the arrest of the two Iranians "again leaves not too much room to assume who was behind it".


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