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Iranians in anti-US demonstrations

Thousands of Iranian protesters packed the streets outside the former US Embassy in Tehran in the biggest anti-American rally in years.

The protests occur every year outside the former embassy compound to mark the anniversary of the 1979 takeover following the Islamic Revolution.

But the latest demonstration is the largest in years as protesters chanting "death to America" voiced their opposition to President Hassan Rouhani's attempts to ease relations with the US.

In September, Rouhani accepted from a call from US President Barack Obama following the annual UN General Assembly in New York, where US Secretary of State John Kerry held talks with Iran's foreign minister.

Ties between the two countries were severed after the embassy siege, which began a hostage crisis with 52 people held for 444 days.

Protesters stamped on images of Obama and the US flag while others carried banners reading "we trample America under our feet" and "the US is the Great Satan".



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