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Irish passport forms on sale on eBay for up to £100 after Brexit application surge


The Brexit vote has sparked a surge in interest in Irish passports

The Brexit vote has sparked a surge in interest in Irish passports

The Brexit vote has sparked a surge in interest in Irish passports

Savvy Irish eBayers are making the most of the surge in demand for Irish passports following the EU referendum result and offering the forms for sale on the online auction site.

There has been huge demand for the forms, which can be obtained for free at Post Offices across Northern Ireland, following the vote for Brexit.

There have been long queues at Post Offices and some have had to turn customers away after they ran out of forms.

But some eBay sellers are offering a new way to avoid the line - but at a price.

One tongue-in-cheek ad, which has since been removed, offered the form for £100 plus £25 postage.

The eBayer from Omagh said: "There is currently a very high demand for these application forms. Avoid the riots at the Post Office by purchasing online now."

Joking about the fall in the value of the pound following the referendum result, they add: "Price has been adjusted to to reflect current GBP/Euro exchange rate.

"Form will be dispatched within 24hr by courier providing that courier still exists."

The seller later said that payment will only be accepted in Irish punts or pasteurised milk.

Playing on fears that Brexit could lead to border controls between Northern Ireland and the Republic, the seller added a note that "you may be forced to scale fence in order to collect application form".

They also joke they are "investing resources to enable mass delivery by drone but in the event that a dome is placed over parts of Ireland or the UK, I'm afraid I will be no longer able to assist and in that case I will see you in one of the camps."

The ad continues: "Finally my house is not open to Irish refugees, please stop asking.

"Unrelated: I need approximately 5000 people to build a 200ft wall around the perimeter of my house. This is not related to the current political and economic situation and is merely a coincidence. Get in touch if you can help. 80hr week. Unpaid."

Other users are still offering the forms for auction. One has set a starting price of £49.99 and a buy it now price of £79.99.

Another is offering a form for £80 and said "there is a very high demand for these forms at present."

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