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Israel-Gaza: Russell Brand hammers FOX News anchor Sean Hannity over aggressive 'debate'

Russell Brand has accused right-wing Fox News anchor Sean Hannity of behaving “like a terrorist” after he shouted down a Palestinian-American guest in a debate over Israel-Gaza.

Hannity, who is famously right-wing and pro-Israel, asked Yousef Munayyer if he was "thick in the head" as he attempted in vain to get him to agree that Hamas was a terrorist organisation.

"One of the definitions of 'terrorist' is using intimidation to reach your goals," Brand said on his satirical YouTube digest Trews (scroll down to watch the video).

"Who in that situation was behaving like a terrorist, using bullying, intimidation? Sean Hannerty. That is where the terrorism is coming from."

He added: "There’s no objective terrorism, there’s just different perspectives of violence. No-one should be using violence, but if you’re going to judge violence pejoratively and negatively, and God knows we all should, then the people that are doing the most and the most effective violence surely are committing the greater crime?"

"Sean's not a solution-based guy," Brand commented elsewhere during his episode. "Sean's not thinking 'we want peace, what we should we do to get peace?' He's thinking 'We want conflict. What can I say to exacerbate conflict?'"

This isn't the first time Brand has labelled Fox News "terrorists". In fact, he called the station a "fanatical terrorist propagandist organisation" in a charged rant on Iraq at the end of June.

The three-week Israeli military offensive in Gaza has so far killed over 1,444, with more than 8,350 wounded. Sixty-four Israelis, nearly all of them soldiers, have died since Israel launched its offensive against Gaza on July 8.

Hannity responds

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