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Israel-Gaza conflict: Lull in violence shattered after airstrike kills 10 Palestinians and four Israelis reported dead after mortar attack

Airstrike kills 10 Palestinians as four Israelis reported dead

By Kashmira Gander

An airstrike which hit the compound of Gaza City’s main hospital and a nearby park killed 10 people and wounded 46 on Monday, hours after the Israeli military declared an “unlimited truce”.

Israel has also said four civilians were also killed in a mortar attack near the Gaza border.

Ayman Sahabani, the head of the emergency room at the Shifa Hospital, which was hit, said children were among those killed.

The Israeli military tweeted that Hamas were to blame for the deaths, and accused the group of “hit[ting] their own people” with misfired rockets. But Palestinian officials said the deaths were caused by an Israeli airstrike.

Fighting between Israel and Hamas had eased from around 9:30pm on Sunday night, after Hamas requested a 24-hour pause in violence to mark Eid al-Fitr – the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

A short while ago, terrorists in Gaza fired rockets at Israel. 1 of them hit Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. The other hit Al-Shati refugee camp. — IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) July 28, 2014

Kim Sengupta, The Independent's Defence and Diplomatic Correspondent currently based in Gaza, posted a tweet reporting the deaths, and claim and counter-claim between Israel and Hamas.

Speaking to Israel Radio earlier on Monday, the Israeli military's chief spokesperson Brigadier General Motti Almoz said: "The situation is an unlimited truce."

He nonetheless added that "the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) are free to attack after any fire if there is any."

While a small number of rockets continued to fly from Gaza on Monday, and the Israeli army responded with tank and artillery shelling, the truce marked one of the calmest nights in the three-week conflict.

During an emergency meeting held after midnight in New York (4am GMT), the UN Security Council urged Hamas and Israel to “accept and fully implement a humanitarian ceasefire into the Eid period and beyond”.

Source: Independent

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