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Italy art museum shuts amid heatwave

The Uffizi Gallery art museum in the Italian city of Florence has shut its doors to the public amid a heatwave because of problems with its air conditioning system.

The Renaissance art capital has a reputation for being one of Italy's hottest cities every summer, bu t a heatwave which has been gripping the nation for days, on top of a weeks-long drought, is making it harder to stay cool.

Temperatures in Florence hit at least 101F (nearly 39C) on Friday.

Rome temperatures this week were around 100F (38C).

Museum director Eike Schmidt said that because the level of the Arno River, which flows through Florence, was so low the museum could not draw as much water from it as it usually does for its industrial-scaled cooling system.

Standing outside the galleries as tourists waited in line for ticket reimbursements, Mr Schmidt told SkyTG24 TV the cooling system was still working well enough to keep its masterpieces climate-controlled and avoid damage.

But the heat generated by "even a few hundred people" visiting the museum could tax the system to the point it would not be able to guarantee the cool temperatures needed to safeguard the paintings, he said.

The Uffizi had arranged for trucks to bring in enough water to make sure the Uffizi's air conditioning would be up and running on Saturday for the public to return, he said.

Initially, the museum said it had hoped to reopen its doors later on Friday afternoon.



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