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Japan: Shelves emptying as panic-buying ensues

Teacher Colm Smyth said Japan is in a state of crisis as panic-buying reaches “ridiculous” levels in the crisis-hit country.

Colm (33), from Clones in Co Monaghan, said shops were stripped bare of vital supplies including bread and water, which disappeared hours after the quake.

“Today actually felt like a worse day than yesterday as the disruptions were more noticeable as people were trying to go back to work,” he said.

“I tried to go to work today — however, my connection train was totally out of service and so any attempt to go to work was futile. I returned home to try and buy some groceries, whatever I could get to ensure that I won't run short.

“There was a decent selection of fresh meat, but rice, water, bread and milk remain at a premium.”

Colm, who has lived in Japan for six-and-a-half years, said people were concerned that essential goods, including fuel and water, would soon run out.

“The panic-buying is exacerbating the supply shortage.”

Colm said the mood in Japan was “stressful”, with growing concerns about radiation spreading to Tokyo. He added he was considering leaving the country for a few days to avoid the food crisis.

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